Fortnite‘s season 10 is finally at an end and it’s map is a black hole now. In what can only be said to be one of the most eventful events in Fortnite, the map got taken out by a meteor. The end of season 10 saw the rocket that was being built over the season launch and multiply itself in a time rift. The rocket came back from different points in time as different ones. Then the rocket proceeded to smash together and create a whole new time loop in front of the meteor.

This causes the meteor to crash into the map which makes the meteor to crash into the Dusty Depot. Dusty Depot was taken out by the explosion of the rockets. As the meteor passes through the new time rift, above Loot Lake, It crashed on that fateful site. As we all know, Loot Lake has been the hotbed of things crashing into it. Where the meteor crashed into the map, it seemed to create a black hole that sucked everything in it. This included the map, the objects as well as the players. And right now there is just a black screen with the singularity in the middle of it.

It was at this time that all the social media channels of Fortnite started streaming the same black screen. This means we are in for big changes in the game. And big changes probably include a new map. And we are expecting more will be introduced than just a new map. Some people have even been speculating whether Elon Musk finally bought out Fortnite to close it out. Twitter has been abuzz with just speculation and Elon Musk fanned the flame himself. You can check out the live stream below.

Besides that, numbers have been appearing on the map. And players believe that this could be a hint to what we can expect to come out of this event on Fortnite. Even the social media channels of Fortnite have gone blank.

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