Epic Games next partnerships could bring The Rock, LeBron James to Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games available in the world. It has a very dedicated following of players and also spectators. To keep its fanbase happy, the Epic Games keeps on performing crossovers and holding online in-game events like the recent Travis Scott concert. Now, it plans to make the NBA fans that play it happy.

During Epic Games’ ongoing fight with Apple, we got to see a quarterly business review performed by Epic Games last year in June. The presentation showcased that the company is planning to add a basketball mini-game inside the game as part of a broader NBA partnership, which it called the “Fortnite version of arcade basketball” in one slide.

The mini-game will have virtual courts within matches where gamers can play basketball instead of the standard Battle Royale. The partnership would include playoff events, themed emotes and NBA shows inside the game.

A lot of the planned activities in the presentation have already been performed.

The presentation is in line with all the rumours around season 6 of the game. Several reports suggest that Season 6 will also include skins for LeBron James, Zion Williamson, and more.

In other news, some reports state that the company is working on a Dwane Johnson skin as a part of its Icon series. The company is yet to confirm the same but a few hints have been dropped. A Season 6 teaser showcases a mysterious character that resembles The Rock. Apart from that, Dwane Johnson in a recent cryptic Instagram post hinted at his involvement with the game.

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