Epic Games launched its own games store almost three months back, and the store has evolved in the time and new features have been incorporated in it as well. Some of these are crucial features that make life easier for the customers like refunds and regional pricing. But there is still a lot more that needs to be refined in the whole game client. And among those, is a new concern for the account security of the clients, and reports claim that fraudulent account were being made from emails that are validly connected to Epic Accounts.

According to a Redditor, -dov-, the Fortnite creator apparently does not even verify accounts when creating new accounts which has given rise to fraudulent accounts under valid email IDs that are connected to Epic Games accounts. Here’s what the Reddit post said.

I found fraudulent accounts had been created using two different email addresses of mine on the Epic Store when attempting to create an account. Had them deactivated, changed the passwords on the email accounts, checked my bank and credit card statements for any fraudulent activity but everything seemed ok. I found it weird that searching back through my emails I had no record of any validation emails sent to me for setting up a new account on the Epic store.

So I created a new account using a third address, and yep, Epic does not have the most basic step of an account validation email when setting up a profile. I cannot believe a mutli-billion dollar company doesn’t even have that basic of a security step for their customers.

The worst part is that even having those fraudulent accounts deactivated doesn’t solve anything unless I make burner profiles to squat on my own email addresses without someone creating another account using them since they don’t have to validate it.

This is in conflict of what some Epic Games users have to say, which is that they did receive confirmation emails. This is a surprise since the company had made a lot of fuss about security and had even provided rewards to Fortnite players who turned on two-factor authentication. Epic Games is yet to make a statement on the present issue.

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