Essential, the smartphone maker that launched its first smartphone, the Essential PH-1 may be working on the successor to the original. According to new information on the internet, it seems like the company is working on Essential PH-2, the second generation device from the company. In addition to the evidence that the company is working on a new device, we also got to know that the company is thinking about including a new display that turns semi-transparent to reveal the camera sensor under the display. This will help Essential get rid of the notch or even the punch hole display style that other smartphone makers are currently experimenting with.

Once the company implements this technology, there will be no use of other workarounds involving sliding displays or motorized pop-up cameras. A report by SlashGear analyzed a number of diagrams and drawings of the upcoming device to take a look at the new features that Essential is working on. According to the sketches, the company is likely to add a camera and a light sensor on the front of PH-2.

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In addition to the unique display technology, the company is also working on an under the display fingerprint scanner. This type of fingerprint scanners is rapidly becoming the new normal in the smartphone industry. The report indicates that the final device will come with “either LCD or OLED” panel but most of the advanced features are expected to come with the OLED display. This comes just days before PH-2 appeared in the support documents for a United States cellular carrier.

The company has not formally confirmed any details about PH-2 but if we have to guess then it will likely be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC out of the box. Talking about the light-sensor on the front, the company may add a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor to bring advanced face authentication and selfie features in the device.

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