EV owners take notice! Govt releases notification for at-home electric vehicle chargers

The govt has introduced a new set of consolidated guidelines for the charging setup for electric vehicles (EV). The notification will enable the faster roll-out of the EV ecosystem. The main aim is to provide a safer environment of charging infra as the electric vehicle trend is catching up. Govt claims that this step will also promote energy security and reduction of emissions in the country.

There are new guidelines for both individual owners of Electric Vehicles and even for Public Charging Stations (PCS).

Individual owners of electric vehicles

The Union Ministry of Power has clarified that owners may charge their Electric Vehicles at their residence/offices using their existing electricity connections. This means that there is no need for some extra documentation to set up a charging station at your home for your Electric Vehicle (EV). The tariff applicable for domestic consumption shall be applicable for domestic charging.

Public Charging Stations (PCS)

For those planning to install public chargers, the govt has also revealed an exhaustive list of compliance requirements. These include norms for “appropriate” infrastructure for civil, electricity, and safety requirements.

Any individual/entity is free to set up public charging stations without the requirement of a license provided that, such stations meet the technical, safety as well as performance standards and protocols laid down under the guidelines as well as norms/ standards/ specifications laid down by Ministry of Power, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Central Electricity Authority (CEA) from time to time.

Land at promotional rates through revenue sharing model

Furthermore, to encourage more people/entities to take up public charging stations in this period of growth, the govt has introduced a revenue-sharing model for land used for the same.

Land available with the Government/Public entities shall be provided for installation of Public Charging Stations to a Government/Public entity on a revenue-sharing basis for the installation of Public Charging Station at a fixed rate of ₹ 1 / kWh (used for charging). This money will need to be paid to the Land-Owning Agency on a quarterly basis.

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