Realme recently launched a few affordable 5G phones under the Narzo series in India. The company plans to launch many more affordable 5G phones under the sub series this year.

Madhav Sheth, CEO Realme India, said in an exclusive interview with, that more affordable 5G phones will launch under the Narzo series, which was introduced last year to mainly attract the offline market consumers.

Sheth said, “you will see more 5G smartphones under the Narzo series. If you call Realme a 5G Leader, then narzo is the Democratizer of 5G.” He further highlighted that these upcoming 5G phones will be target consumers looking for 5G phones at a budget.

Cheaper Realme Narzo 5G phones coming

“We plan to massify into wider segments below 20k, to get users future-ready for 5G and to bring the convenience and power of 5G nanoscale processors to more users,” Sheth said.

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Realme recently launched the Realme Narzo 30 5G and before that the Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G. These phones also come with affordable price tag. Both Realme Nazro 30 5G and the Narzo 30 Pro 5G start at a price tag of Rs 15,999.

Narzo was introduced last year and as per Sheth the series has “performed extremely well since it was introduced”.

Highlighting some numbers, Sheth said “Narzo 10 reached one million users within just a few months of its debut and finished all of its sales in flash sales.”

“Narzo 20 registered 1,30,000 sales in the first sale while the Reamle narzo 30A covers nearly a quarter of Realme’s sales since its launch month, as per Counterpoint Feb-April tracker,” he said.

As for the sales in India, Sheth highlighted that since June, the company has seen a “pent-up demand online by 10-20 percent.” “We have also registered steady offline sales in a few states which were open following the government norms of lockdown,” he added.

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