The number of positive Coronavirus cases crossed a million globally today. With many countries in lockdown and entire industries brought to a standstill, the rising number of COVID 19 cases has truly crippled the globe. This has directly resulted in a big load on emergency medical supplies.

From protective suits to face masks, medical workers working tirelessly with an increasing number of patients need an adequate supply of gear as well. Without this, the doctors and nurses themselves risk getting infected from the virus.

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However, A Bengaluru-based startup had plans to help these medical professionals out. Lead by Rohit Asil, the co-founder of a 3D printing company by the name Fracktal Works, the startup worked towards creating a new solution to the problem – Face shields. The team used Ketto, a crowdsourcing platform to ask people to donate to the cause. This would allow them to mass produce face shields and sanitizers to doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers in Karnataka. They surpassed their fundraising goal in a mere 10 hours.

As per a report by IndiaTimes, Rohit said that “witnessing the state of doctors during the pandemic on the news immediately enabled us to brainstorm how we could provide aid at the earliest with the resources we had at our disposal. “With the alarming scarce availability of N95 Masks, we aimed at focusing on the prolonging use of existent N95 masks by mass producing thousands of face shields. There face shields ensure the reuse of N95 masks due to its limited number,” said Asil.

Asil and his team use 3D printing to create the shields. First made out of OHP sheets, assembling the 3D printed face shields only takes a few minutes. The team is donating 3,000 face shields to medical professions in tier 2 and tier 3 regions. They have also received government requests and are expected to soon produce about 1,00,000 units of the product.

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