In order to allure young hearts into joining its social network and boost user growth, Facebook has reportedly been working on a hub for humorous meme content, called LOL. In simpler terms, the company was planning to offer “a special feed of funny videos and GIF-like clips.” Now, a report confirms that the social network giant has dropped the plan of releasing the meme app.

The LOL project, which they were experimenting with a small percentage of users, didn’t last very long. Facebook was experimenting with this meme app with around 100 high school students who signed non-disclosure agreements with parental consent. The company has reorganized its youth team of more than 100 employees to build features for teens. Furthermore, Facebook will now focus on its Messenger Kids app, meant for kids under 13 years, according to a report by Recode.

“The youth team has restructured in order to match top business priorities, including increasing our investment in Messenger Kids,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. Facebook launched its Messenger kids app back in December 2017. It is basically an app that allows children to chat with their parent-approved friends. However, some advocates have warned that this app could contribute to unhealthy sleep habits and lower self-esteem.

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“It may not be a good idea to again start some specific social media platform for tender minds especially when the content is not guided. There has been a call globally to limit the screen time for kids and Facebook is somehow trying to hook them onto screens,” Anoop Mishra, one of the nation’s leading social media experts, earlier explained to IANS.

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