Facebook’s headquarters has been evacuated after an anonymous tip about a purported bomb in the Menlo Park campus. According to local news stations KRON4 and NBC Bay Area, the New York Police Department (NYPD) got an anonymous tip and forwarded it to local officers in the Menlo Park, California.

Soon, the police arrived on the scene near the 200 block of Jefferson Avenue, where the headquarters of both Facebook and Instagram are located. “The building has been evacuated and the bomb unit is on scene,” the Menlo Park PD tweeted at around 6PM local time. The event of a bomb scare at Facebook HQ follows a shooting incident that occured at YouTube early this year.

A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed that everyone is safe and that a few building were evacuated. “Late this afternoon, we received a bomb threat and took swift action to evacuate several buildings at our Menlo Park campus. We take the safety and security of our people at Facebook extremely seriously and are glad that everyone is safe. We are working closely with local authorities to investigate this threat and further monitor the situation,” Genevieve Grdina, a spokesperson for Facebook, said.

A latest update from police department confirmed that they did not find any device or suspicious package at Facebook and Instagram HQ in 200 Jefferson Drive. While the events surrounding Facebook HQ evacuation have turned to be a hoax, in the past, such incidents have led to tragic results.

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Facebook is not alone. Last month, multiple offices of CNN and leaders of Democratic party received pipe bombs. This also led to evacuation and the authorities later arrested a person, who was identified as responsible for sending those bombs. Facebook has not confirmed whether it will further increase security at its HQ due to this bomb scare.

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