Facebook is pulling out its family of apps from Windows Phone platform. After April 30, Facebook will stop supporting Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger applications for Windows Phone, confirmed a Microsoft spokesperson. Facebook also owns WhatsApp, but at the moment, there is no clarity on WhatsApp support being pulled out by the company.

The decision to end support of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger doesn’t come as surprise since Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform itself is officially dead. Also, it is unclear exactly how many active users the Windows Phone platform has.

The pull out was first reported by WindowsCentral for Instagram. It mentioned that Instagram has sent notifications to Windows Phone users. Some Reddit users reported that they received a notification from Instagram confirming the pull out for April 30.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Engadget on Tuesday that not just Instagram, but Facebook and Facebook Messenger will also retire on April 30 from Windows Phone platform. We have seen major third-party apps being pulled out of Microsoft Store since 2015.

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The software giant officially killed the Windows Phone business in 2016 following lackluster sales. It even stopped issuing security and software updates last year in December 2018. As of now, WhatsApp only supports Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile OS, but it would be just a matter of time, when Facebook retires the messaging application from Microsoft store.

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