Facebook launches ‘Facebook Campus’ for college students

Facebook, which was created in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg in a dormitory of his student residence at Harvard University (United States) with the intention of creating an online directory that would connect students from the university center and other universities, it seems to go back now, 16 years later, to its origins.

It’s not that the company is going to reverse its evolution and undo the emporium it has become. What happens is that the new product is very reminiscent of that Facebook that was thought now more than three decades ago.

Facebook campus launched

Facebook has just confirmed the launch of Facebook Campus, an exclusive space, unique for university students. It is designed to connect students with their classmates, with whom they can share interests. The idea is to become a way to meet colleagues and start conversations in an environment where distance learning predominates.

The company also points out that, in times of isolation and quarantine, Facebook Campus is established as a way to keep university communities together. With Facebook College, users will be able to make new friends, find others with similar interests.

Facebook Campus is a specific section that will be displayed in the app. Users will have a “Campus” profile that is different from the profile they use on Facebook. To create a profile on Campus, university students just have to point to their university email, and indicate the year of graduation.

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In their profiles, if they wish, they can include other information such as their subjects, teachers, city of origin. By creating their profile, they will be able to access Groups and Unique Events for their study center. They can also connect with classmates and share content, that only other people connected to «Campus» will see. In this sense, users have access to a publication feed that only shows content published by other participants on Campus.

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