Facebook has for long revealed its end-goal of bringing seamless messaging unity between its apps. These include Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp as well. Recently, the boundaries between the apps have been getting blurry a lot and now Facebook has made the first move. The company has reportedly merged Messenger with Instagram DMs (direct messages).

What does this mean? Well, you may now use your Instagram handle to get in touch with someone who is accessible via Facebook Messenger, or vice versa. The tech giant recently announced the feature in a blog post. However, the major thing to note here is that users choose if they want to take this new merged path.

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This means that should you not want your Instagram DMs to be accessible to someone using Messenger, or the other way round, you need not be forced into the merged ecosystem. The feature only comes to those who wish to use it. That being said, if you do use the new merged feature, your Instagram DM experience will change quite a bit. Users will get new features like message forwarding, and customizable chat threads where you can give contacts nicknames and specific colors.

Facebook has also added a lot of new features. These include selfie stickers, the recently introduced ‘Watch together’ feature which lets you stream videos with friends, and more. The company also mentioned that certain features would first come to Instagram and then come to Messenger.

What is the point of Messenger and Instagram merging?

Facebook’s idea is to create a uniform interface that connects all its services. This makes it easy for people on one platform to connect with users on another platform. It completely eliminates the step of creating a separate account on Instagram or Messenger to communicate with certain people.

Talking about privacy and security, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned end-to-end encryption as one of the key benefits of merging all of Facebook’s messaging platforms together. While WhatsApp and Messenger have already implemented this, Instagram has not.

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