Facebook has implemented and consequently reverted a number of UI changes to Messenger in the past few months. Most users have asked for a system-wide dark theme time and again and it now seems like the social media giant has begun testing it in some countries. Jane Manchun Wong, who is known for tearing down apps for hidden codes and features, has tweeted that Facebook Messenger has finally started testing the dark mode but it is limited to some countries and remains incomplete in terms of features. The list of supported countries for this feature is not known but Facebook is adding a message that the UI is not final and hence won’t appear everywhere.

It can be confirmed that India is not part of the countries supporting dark mode yet. If you are in a supported country, Wong says a new Dark Mode toggle will appear in the “Me” section of the app, below the Notifications and Sounds option. A warning detailing that the feature is a work in progress will appear but it is not clear whether it appears while toggling the setting or when clicking on the section itself.

Jane Wong notes that she was able to take a handful of screenshots of the new dark mode late last year. As one would expect, the new dark mode replaces all the bright white backgrounds with black and inverts text color from black to white, matching the overall appearance. The search bar and other rounded UI elements continue to remain grey but are darker to match the black background. The screenshots show that some parts of the UI elements still show white background and Facebook will change those before making it publicly available.

These screenshots make it clear that Facebook is testing dark mode for Messenger for some time now. However, it does not seem anywhere close to being a finished product and lacks finesse. It is likely that Facebook is collecting feedback from users, addressing common issues before the feature becomes publicly available for over one billion users.

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