The COVID-19 situation doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon but that hasn’t stopped Facebook from helping people celebrate festivals. Ahead of the upcoming Ramadan festival, Facebook is adding a bunch of features in a bid to help people celebrate it while avoiding the dangers of COVID-19. There will be new stickers, stories, video series, camera effects, and more to help people celebrate Ramadan.

One of the major ways Facebook will be doing this is by running a #MonthofGood campaign, sharing 30 ideas with people. This will include Facebook sharing various tips to let people celebrate in a new way, even if social distancing continues.

Facebook to help celebrate Ramadan

“On Facebook, UK-based director Basma Khalifa will host a video series to celebrate today’s changemakers and small businesses in the Muslim community. Also, Teen Vogue Director of Fashion and Beauty Features Tahirah Hairston will moderate a panel about modesty in Western culture and inclusion within the fashion industry,” says Facebook in a post.


Ramadan features on Facebook

Facebook will also be collaborating with several creators, publishers and NGOs throughout the month of Ramadan. The aim will be to highlight those who are making a positive impact in their communities. At the same time, Facebook is also hosting new video content and information sessions linked into the #MonthofGood theme.

Facebook will also be adding Ramadan-themed stickers to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Users can continue to use several camera effects as well as new tools in the Messenger app.

“Last year, our community exchanged more than 20 million “Happy Ramadan” posts and comments on Facebook, and WhatsApp video calls spiked on the first day of Eid. Despite the barriers to coming together in person, Ramadan remains a time for generosity, charity and reflection. In 2020, people contributed twice as much to Ramadan-related fundraisers than they did in 2019 across Facebook and Instagram.”

With new cases of COVID-19 infected patients across the world, celebrating festivals from the confines of our homes and via social media seems a clever idea for this year.

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