Facebook to merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram by 2020, Zuckerberg confirms

A report recently surfaced online stating that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg might combine its messaging systems into a single, unified system. Now, the information has been confirmed that the social media giant is planning to merge its WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram platforms, but not this year. The company’s CEO made the announcement during Facebook’s Q4 2018 earnings call.

Zuckerberg said that the project — “to whatever term we end up doing this” — would likely not show up until 2020 and beyond, TheVerge reported. Additionally, the merger of the three platforms would broaden the availability of end-to-end encryption. Those who are unaware, currently, only WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption and it is not available on Facebook’s Messenger and Instagram. Therefore, the CEO explained that merging these platforms would offer more secure end-to-end encryption.

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“The integration that we’re thinking about, we’re really early in thinking through this,” Zuckerberg said on the company’s Q4 earnings call. “There’s a lot more we need to figure out.” Furthermore, the move would also help fill ‘certain’ gaps in communication. For example, the CEO explained that there could a possibility that a person might use Marketplace on Facebook, but then have to use WhatsApp for messaging. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said that the merger would create an “iMessage-like layer for SMS,” further offering more functionality and security. While there is no information on how the company is planning to allow Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp users to communicate, several questions regarding users privacy have raised.

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