Facebook to verify if viral posts are coming from humans or not

Facebook is going to start verifying profiles that have a larger reach. The social networking platform wants to make sure high-reach posts are coming from humans and not via bots. Facebook said it will verify the identity of people whose posts start to rapidly go viral in the US.  This will be done to make sure the genuity of the people behind these posts is known to everyone on the platform.

The platform has been used to share objectionable content, without taking action against it. Identifying these account will help Facebook to catch the perpetrators. And the company is going to limit reach of accounts that don’t get verified. “If someone chooses not to verify their identity or the ID provided does not match the linked Facebook account, the distribution of their viral post will remain reduced so fewer people will see it,” Facebook explained.

This ruling is stricter for those handling pages. Facebook says page admins won’t be able to post anything before they get verified. It says the registered IDs will be secured and not shared through person’s profile.

New security feature in India

Facebook users in India are now getting a new privacy feature which helps them lock their profile. This will ensure that any random person trying to look for your photos or profile picture is not able to see them. The company has made this option thinking about safety of women on the platform but even male users on Facebook can lock their profile picture if they want to. The feature is rolling out to users in India in the coming week.

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Once the person enables the profile lock, the other person will only be able to see the profile picture. They will not be able to expand the size of the image or see anything else.



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