Facebook Watch, the content platform from social media giant, is getting new features. At SXSW, the social media giant announced that it is also integrating the platform with Spotify. Among new features, Facebook is rolling out Watch Party support for live TV but it has also made it easier for Watch users to listen to full songs through Spotify. The Watch Party is a feature within Facebook Watch platform that allows users to watch videos together in real-time.

Now, the Watch Party feature will also support live TV in addition to videos that are already available on Facebook. This means that Facebook Watch users will be able to talk about what is currently airing on live TV through the Watch Parties platform. “We’re introducing a new Watch Party experience that will enable people to host Watch Parties around what’s happening on live TV,” the social media giant said in a statement.

“People already come to Facebook to talk about exciting events and TV moments — now they’ll have a better way to do this together in real time,” it added. Facebook explains that whenever someone starts a Watch Party, they will see a new option called “on TV” where they can select the live game. “From there, the Watch Party will feature the live game score as you discuss and react in real time alongside other fans,” Facebook explains.

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Facebook Watch is also integrated with features such as Lip Sync Live, Stories and Profiles. The social media says that users can now tap through to Spotify when they come across a song and this will allow them to listen to the song in full. “Today, we’re introducing a new feature: from a song on your profile, we’re making it possible to tap through to Spotify — so people can listen to the full song and discover more from that artist. We’ll be adding other partners in the near future as well,” Facebook said.

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