Most of the big social media companies including Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Telegram, among others have finally complied with the new IT rules that came into effect earlier this week. It is just Twitter that is yet to comply with the new regulations, the government sources said. The government of India has already sent out a letter to the microblogging site warning to comply with the new social laws.

New IT rules came into effect on May 26. The Indian government, earlier this year in February, directed all major social media platforms operating in the country to comply with the new social rules. Unfortunately, even after the new IT rules came into effect tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp and others failed to comply with the rules.

As per a latest report coming from ANI, sources close to the development have now confirmed that all major social media platforms except Twitter have complied with the new laws. “Most of the major social media intermediaries have shared the details of their Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Contact Person & Grievance Officer with Ministry of Electronics & IT, as required by I-T (Intermediary Guidelines & Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021,” sources said.

Twitter ban, IT rules 2021

“Significant social media intermediaries like Koo, Sharechat, Telegram, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. have shared details with the Ministry as per the requirement of the new Rules,” sources added.

Highlighting Twitter failing to comply with the rules, sources said, “Twitter Still Not Following the Rules – After a firm response from the Government yesterday, Twitter sent a communication late last night, sharing details of a lawyer working in a law firm in India as their Nodal Contact Person and Grievance Officer.” “The Rules require that these designated officers of the significant social media companies must be the employees of the company and resident in India. Twitter has not yet sent the details of the Chief Compliance Officer to the Ministry,” sources added.

Under the new IT rules:

-“Significant social media” should have a chief compliance officer in India who can quickly respond to government demands and needs as and when required.

-Social media platforms must hire a nodal officer, who will coordinate with law enforcement agencies round the clock, whenever the government requires.

-These social media companies must also hire a grievance redressal officer. The officer will help social media users with their grievances.

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