Facebook has launched a Discover app on a trial basis and is offering free internet access to users. The social media giant’s main aim is to expand access of the internet in developing countries. The app will help those who don’t have consistent access to the internet. Currently, the company is testing this app in Peru, but Facebook is also planning to launch the Discover app in other countries as well. These include Thailand, the Philippines, and Iraq among others.

The company says that users will get free data from their mobile operators each day. Users will also get a notification when the free data is available. Do note that the amount of free data varies by the provider. As this just a start, in Peru, each mobile operator is reportedly offering 10MB of daily data, CNET reports.

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Facebook has mentioned in its blog post that the app offers low-bandwidth browsing. So, the text on the web will load, but videos, audios, or other data-intensive elements will not. The company clearly says that you can stream by purchasing additional data.

“Discover provides low-bandwidth browsing, enabling people to browse text on any website using free daily data. It is available via both the mobile web and an Android app. Each day, people will get a balance of free data from their participating mobile operator. People will be notified when free data is available and can always choose to view other content on the internet, such as videos, by using data purchased from their mobile operator.”

Additionally, users don’t need a Facebook account to use the Discover app. The social media giant also says that its Discover app doesn’t store any users’ browsing history “in connection with them.” It will also not store user activity to target Facebook ads. The Discover app could replace Facebook’s Free Basics program or the new app might be offered as an alternative to users.

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