Facebook’s global outage brings millions on new users on Telegram, Signal

Telegram, the underdog in the social media hub managed to gain over 70 million users during Facebook’s six-hour-long global outage. The social app’s founder and chief executive Pavel Durov announced the massive calling it a “record increase in user registration and activity”.

Telegram gains over 70 million users in a day following Facebook’s global outage

The global outage on Monday kept 3.5 billion users from accessing Facebook’s major services including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Facebook blamed it on a faulty configuration change, however, the outage turned out to be a stroke of luck for its rivals Telegram and Signal.

“The daily growth rate of Telegram exceeded the norm by an order of magnitude, and we welcomed over 70 million refugees from other platforms in one day,” Durov mentioned in his Telegram channel.

“I am proud of how our team handled the unprecedented growth because Telegram continued to work flawlessly for the vast majority of our users. That said, some users in the Americas may have experienced slower speed than usual as millions of users from these continents rushed to sign up for Telegram at the same time,” he said.

“I ask our existing users to say hi to their newly arrived friends, help them unpack, and let them know what we have in stock. Make sure they stick around and see why Telegram is light years ahead of the competition,” he further added.

While the social media giant faced the longest outage, Telegram and other messaging apps were flushed with millions of new users as many began looking out for a replacement for being unable to use Facebook products.

Besides Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp’s counterpart cited to have added ‘million of new users’ during the social network’s global outage. As per Reuters report, WhatsApp long-hour outage hit trading of assets from cryptocurrencies to Russian oil, market players said, although a quick shift to alternative platforms such as Telegram limited severe disruption.

Facebook Vice President of engineering Santosh Janardhan in an updated blog post on Tuesday that the company’s engineers issued a command that unintentionally disconnected Facebook data centers from the rest of the world.

Notably, the recent global outage increased Telegram’s users to over 10 percent from 500 million active users recorded in January this year.

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