Fake ‘Clubhouse for PC’ app ads appear on Facebook: Here’s why they don’t need your attention

A ‘Clubhouse for PC’ app is being advertised on Facebook and while you might think the audio-only app is coming to your PC, you will be left disappointed. The app is fake and filled with malware, which can cause security and privacy issues.

As reported by TechCrunch, the fake Clubhouse for PC app has appeared on many Facebook pages. Here’s all you need to know.

Do not fall for this fake Clubhouse app

It is suggested that the adverts are associated with various Facebook Pages that have a few likes on them. Since Clubhouse is an iPhone-exclusive, invite-only app, the ads are bound to be attractive for those wanting to use it.

If people click on the ads, they will be taken to a fake Clubhouse website, which includes screenshots of the fake app being talked about and a link to download it.

This is where the malicious part comes into play. When the link is clicked, the fake app will communicate with a command and control server for it to know of the instructions to follow. The report mentions a sandbox analysis of the malware and it has been found infecting an isolated machine with ransomware.

However, the silver lining over here is that the fake Clubhouse website’s servers went down once the TechCrunch report went up. Amit Serper, a researcher at Guardicore tried testing the app in a sandbox but received an error. The ads have also been taken down.

In case you find the fake app’s ads on Facebook again, just do not go for it as it can possibly steal your personal and sensitive information.

It is further suggested that the Facebook Pages remained active despite the reports. Facebook also didn’t tell the number of people who had clicked on them. Clubhouse remains unavailable for comment.

Clubhouse attracting hackers too

The Clubhouse app’s popularity and exclusivity make it an attraction for hackers. The app was recently found leaking more than a million users’ data.

This had happened back in February wherein a hacker could easily access Clubhouse users’ audio chats.

Since the app is attracting a good amount of negative attention, it remains to be seen how it handles the security part for people to remain safe.

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