Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf is a US teenager who very recently became an entity known around the world. He won the solo segment of the Fortnite World Cup Championship and won a prize money of $3 million. This made him of the highest earning esports athletes in the world. And though most people would be happy about a young man winning a huge chunk of money, this seems to have ticked off some people.

And now it seems that Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf has been a victim of ‘Swatting’ while streaming online. The term refers to the act of informing or misinforming the police about a serious crime from the location where someone is streaming live from. This creates an emergency response from the police who deploy SWAT teams for emergency situations. It often happens in the case of ‘Swatting’ that the Police forcefully entering is recorded live. Swatting is a criminal offence for the person initiating it, and it is dangerous for the victim as well. More often than not, the police can understand when it has been a case of Swatting.

Bugha leaves the stream to attend to something in the house. He later returns to confirm that he has been Swatted. At the time he was playing with fellow pro players Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller and Danny ‘Dubs’ Walsh. Bugha can be heard speaking to his dad, “I got swatted?

“They come in with guns, bro,” Bugha said on stream later. “Like, they literally pulled up. Holy shit. That’s scary. What if I just got popped?” Thankfully there were no serious consequences of this, as one of the officers was from his neighborhood and knew about Bugha and his reputation as a Fortnite player. But that fact is that Swatting remains an incredibly dangerous and illegal activity.

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