FAU-G, Made in India PUBG Mobile alternative, now available worldwide

FAU-G, the so-called PUBG Mobile, was released in India for Android users on the Google Play Store last month. The mobile game was launched on January 26 after a very long delay. FAU-G game developer Bengaluru-based nCore Games has now announced that the PUBG Mobile alternative has been released worldwide. This means that gamers across the globe will now be able to play the game.

The game is available for Android users on the Google Play Store. The company previously confirmed to BGR India that iOS users will be able to get their hands on the game in the upcoming months. The launch date for the App Store has not been revealed for now.

The current version of the FAU-G mobile game works best on mid-range and high-end smartphones. The company previously confirmed to us that there could a lite version of the game for budget mobile users. We don’t have the launch date of FAU-G Lite for now.

Is this a PUBG Mobile alternative?

Well, many of you will have this question in mind. We don’t see the game as a PUBG Mobile alternative. In fact, the company has also confirmed that it isn’t a battle royale game or an Indian alternative to PUBG Mobile. nCore Games has said that FAU-G is an action game and serves a different set of gamers.

The current version of the FAU-G mobile game is mainly a story version but the company has confirmed to bring modes like battle royale and also guns and other weapons on board. Currently, the game doesn’t come with any weapon.

The storyline of the first episode mainly revolves around the Galwan Valley incident. The player or the Indian soldier fights the opponents or the Chinese army to save the country. Once you manage to kill the opponent you can collect his weapon.

Interestingly, the game has been released in three languages including English, Hindi, and Tamil. The company has confirmed that more language support will be available in the months to come.

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