FAU-G action game has been released in India for all the gaming enthusiats out there. The action game has been launched only for Android users today, while for iPhone users it will be available at a later date. No specific timeline has been announced for iOs release.

Interestingly, the game has been released in three languages including English, Hindi and Tamil. Bengaluru based nCore Games has confirmed to BGR India that FAU-G will be available in more regional languages in the upcoming months.

FAU-G has been listed on Google Play Store and can be downloaded straight from there. The company has released the initial version of the game today and will bring new game modes and other upgrades in the months to come via updates. So, expect many more upgraded being added to the game in the days to come.

How to downlaod FAU-G mobile game

Currently, the action game is only is in story mode with very basic options available. The company previously said that they didn’t want to go wrong at the launch hence decided to keep it to basics for now. In the initial version, there are no guns or any other weapons available. However, as you level up there are weapons you can collect from rivals after killing them.

how to download faug, FAUG

Image: BGR India

Here’s our first impressions of FAU-G game

The game also includes basic options like volume up or down, GPU settings, among others in the settings menu right on the homepage. There are also options to purchase weapons but they are pretty expensive when compared to other action games.

Only the first episode has been released, which is focused at the Galwan Valley episode between Indian and Chinese army that occured last year. The FAU-G game mainly requires you to fight the Chinese army or the opponents and rescure the Indian army men stuck at the other side.

Most gamers see this game as India’s answer to PUBG Mobile but that’s clearly not the case. This is no PUBG Mobile alternative. Time and again the company has said that FAU-G game is not to rival PUBG Mobile, which has been banned in India by the government. So, if you are expect FAU-G mobile game to be similar PUBG Mobile, it is clearly not.

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