Bengaluru based game developer nCore Games officially released the most awaited PUBG Mobile alternative aka FAU-G on January 26. This so-called PUBG Mobile rival has been made available for Android users on the Google Play Store for now. In the initial days of the release, the Play Store rating of the game was around 4.5 stars but with every passing day, the rating is dropping. The mobile game is currently rated 3.5 stars.

Some user reviews on the Play Store note that the mobile game is “outstanding” with “great visuals” and more. Other reviews tell a completely different story. They state that the FAU-G mobile game is a big disappointment. Some media reports suggest that PUBG Mobile users have left a one-star rating on FAU-G. One of the Play Store review notes, “Expectations and the reality are different things. But even so there has to be some things which must be done properly. Presently the game does not have guns. Ok I get it. But if you are going to go for a hand to hand combat it still must be better than this. Moves and sequences include mashing on a…”

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Why is the FAU-G Play Store rating dropping?

Well, that’s because of the high expectations gamers had from the mobile game. Since the very beginning, FAUG has been referred to as PUBG Mobile’s Indian alternative. However, nCore Games has always said that FAUG is not an alternative to PUBG Mobile, which is banned in the country since last September. The company, time and again, has also said that FAU-G is more of an action game and focuses on the story than the battle.

Given players are comparing the two games, they expected FAU-G to be just like PUBG Mobile, but sadly that’s not the case. As far as the gameplay is concerned, FAU-G and PUBG Mobile offer very different experiences to the players out there. There are no weapons available on FAU-G mobile for the time being. The company has confirmed that with updates it will bring weapons, guns, battle royale mode, among others to the game, and make it interesting for the gamers out there.

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