Tech company Mozilla is reportedly working on a new feature for its popular Firefox browser. The new service is called Private Relay and allows the browser to protect users from advertisers and spam operators when filling online forms. The feature works by hiding a user’s email address from these entities.

The Firefox Private Relay service entered its testing phase last month and is currently in the closed beta stage. There is a public beta currently that is scheduled for later this year, as per a report by ZDNet. The Private Relay service will not be directly built into the browser itself. Instead, it will be available as an add-on. This will let users generate unique email addresses as email aliases.

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The user can then enter this email address in various web forms. This can be used by people to generate contact requests, subscribe to letters, and register new accounts on various sites. “We will forward emails from the alias to your real inbox,” Mozilla says on the Firefox Private Relay website. Further, if the alias starts receiving emails that the user is not really interested in, they can be deleted or even disabled.

The Firefox Private Relay feature basically allows users to make and delete aliases on the go pretty easily. This makes your actual email inbox clear of unwanted attention in the form of newsletters and spam. Mozilla is not the first company to come up with something like this. US-based Apple also came up with a similar service in the form of the “sign-in with Apple” system that it announced back in 2019.

Firefox 76 released

In other news, the Mozilla Firefox browser recently got updated to Firefox 76. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, the new update comes with a handful of developer features along with other changes. These include a lockwise password functionality and even improvements for the Zoom video conferencing client. If you want to update to the latest version, you can grab the setup file from However, if you are already a user you can simply update to Firefox 76.

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