Internet giant Mozilla has just announced a new service called “Firefox Send”, a file transfer service. According to the announcement post, the company claims that users will be able to transfer encrypted files for free. This new service is the result of the Firefox Send Test Pilot experiment that the company conducted on

The company clarified that users can use any web browser to transfer files to their friends or family using the service which means that contrary to the name, users will not be limited to using Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla also revealed that it will launch the beta version of the Firefox Send service for Android later this week. The dedicated blog post for the service gave a number of examples for scenarios where regular users can make use of the service. The service also allows users to limit the availability of the files shared based on the link expiry date, the number of file downloads or even along with the help of an optional password-protected layer.

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The post also indicated that users can also set their shared files to one time access or limited access. According to the announcement users without any Firefox account can share files worth up to 1GB in size while people who end up signing for the Firefox account can send files worth 2.5GB in size. The company stated that the service makes it both easier to sent files as well as receive files from. This is because Firefox Send simply sends a file download link to the recipient without any other additional steps.

The company repeatedly points out that all the data shared with the help of the service is private and users can use it to share their confidential files without any worry. This announcement for the service comes right after Mozilla launched its Firefox Lite in the Indian market.

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