Remember Flappy Bird? A game that reached an insane level of popularity, years before the Pokemon Go mania. This was back in 2014, almost four years before the birth of PUBG and Fortnite. If you are living under a rock then PUBG and Fortnite are the current hype in the world of casual gaming. Almost five years after the rise and sudden fall of Flappy Bird, some developers have banded together to bring it back. But the revival of the game will come with a very 2019 twist. We have already hinted the twist above. However, if you can’t really guess then we have to spill the beans.

A zombie mashup two different game to create Flappy Royale

A merry band of three developers have teamed up to create a zombie iteration of the original Flappy Bird. The new game is known as Flappy Royale, a mix of Flappy Bird and Fortnite, (or PUBG depending on your choice of Battle Royale game). According to a report by The Verge, developers Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker are currently developing the game. A developer by the name Zach Gage is also proving his contributions to the dual for the development of the game. Interested users can test the beta version of the game on iOS and Android. In addition to these two platforms, the game is also available on the web. Developers are planning to launch the first stable version of the game in July. Players can sign up for the Android beta, Install TestFlight for iOS beta or go to the test website to play the game now.

Talking about the gameplay, it is similar to the original one but adds in the Battle Royale element. The element we are talking about here is surviving longer than the rest of the players to win the game. The player will be competing against 99 other players where they can see rest of them flapping alongside in real time. And yes, given that this is a Battle Royale game, players will be starting out of a bus.

The developer revealed that the game will come with daily leaderboards, something called crash buses and more. To ensure that your bird stands out of the rest of the 99 birds, the developer has also added customization. We are not sure how it really works but it is likely that you can change the color of our bird. The report stated that the game will also come with “Daily Trial” mode. This mode will give users with 10 chances for a spot on the worldwide leaderboard.

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