News aggregator app Flipboard has revealed that it has become a victim of hacks that has potentially exposed and may have allowed users’ account information. This apparently was going on for a period of nine months during which time user data may have been copied. Flipboard has written in a blog post that the information that has been revealed in the hacks include the users’ names, Flipboard user’s names, encrypted passwords as well as email addresses. No financial information including credit or debit cards was revealed in the hack because the company does not store any of those information on the website.

Flipboard wrote on its blog, “We recently identified unauthorized access to some of our databases containing certain Flipboard users’ account information, including account credentials. In response to this discovery, we immediately launched an investigation and an external security firm was engaged to assist. Findings from the investigation indicate an unauthorized person accessed and potentially obtained copies of certain databases containing Flipboard user information between June 2, 2018 and March 23, 2019 and April 21 – 22, 2019.” It added, “As a precaution, we have reset all users’ passwords, even though the passwords were cryptographically protected and not all users’ account information was involved.”

This means that users will have to create a new password for their accounts on Flipboard the next time they try to log in. On top of that all digital tokens which are used to connect to third-party accounts have also been replaced or deleted to prevent misuse. “We are committed to the security and care for our users and partners and protecting their account information is a top priority for us,” Flipboard said in a statement. “We have taken enhanced measures to secure our systems and implemented additional safeguards to prevent this from happening again.”

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Apparently, not all user accounts have been affected by the issue, but it is still uncertain about how many have been, and Flipboard does not have any numbers yet. Flipboard said, “At this time, we’re in the process of figuring out the total number. While we have been able to rule out access to certain databases, we continue to investigate the systems the attacker had access to.”

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