Forget electric scooters! You can carry this EV in your bag and ride it to work

Imagine getting off a metro train or a bus. You walk down to the road and then take out an EV from your bag and start riding to your workplace. This could be real for you and me, very soon!

Electric vehicles are taking over the world one step at a time. This time around it has taken the shape of a small inflatable vehicle that can even fit in your average backpack. The new innovation comes from Japan.

The new Poimo (Portable and Inflatable Mobility) scooter has been built by researchers from Tokyo University. The small scooter has been built with last-mile connectivity in mind, something like the distance between your bus stop and office or even short distances.

But how much can you ride on it?

The tiny battery and the inflated scooter can manage to provide 90 minutes of riding time in a single charge, which is substantial enough to cover short distances. The inflated electric vehicle can run up to a speed of 15 km/hr.

The vehicle derives power from an electric motor that is neatly tucked into the wheel itself. The mini scooter also comes with a steering, handlebar for throttle input and handling as well as the battery unit which is placed between the front and rear wheels.

The inflatable part of the bike is built using Thermoplastic Polyurethane which the researchers claim is very strong and easily take the weight of full-grown adults.


The biggest USP of having such flexible material is shaping and re-shaping. The vehicle can be designed to specific preferences which also includes shapes like a moving lounge. Depending on the requirement, different parts of the scooter can be amplified of reduced. However, the basic powertrain and technology remain the same.

The technology might take time to develop to reach the masses but it does have the promise to transform last-mile connectivity.

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