There is a new Fortnite 10.40 update out and it brings new things to the game. Fortnite previously announced that it will be adding bots to the game. But that seems to be held off until update 11 arrives. But it has introduced the Skill-Based Matchmaking system that will determine the number of bots players face. Epic Games had announced that lower skill group players will face more bots and as they skill up they will face less and less.

There is a new Rift Zone being added this time called Starry Suburbs. It has been described as, “Have you ever wished upon a star for great loot? Come to this new Rift Zone to make your wishes come true — shooting stars with powerful loot are landing here!” Here shooting stars drop good loot that fall from the sky. This zone apparently has a special weapon available only here. The previously vaulted Bouncer trap item has been unvaulted. And for those that don’t remember this trap makes people jump high.

Though we don’t really know about this Skill-Based Matchmaking is now here. And according to the devs this ought to make game more fair. This will match bad players with other bad players and good players with other good ones. Aim Assist is another new feature coming to the game which is for console gamers. This will turn the crosshair red when an enemy is in range.

The Combine is a new mode where players can test out different skill and things for the game. It works as a shooting range for players. Players will also be getting a double XP weekend which will start on September and will go on till Monday September 30. Besides these there are a tonne of bug fixes and a new LTM called Zone Wars. All the patch notes can be seen here.

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