Battle royale games PUBG Mobile and Fortnite have been competing with each other ever since they were launched earlier this year. And it seems like, iOS users have taken more of a liking to Fortnite, which boasts different dynamics including the ability to build while in games compared to PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, Fortnite‘s early optimization for iOS devices means that it tends to run particularly well on iPhones, which contributes heavily to its popularity in the US and other strong markets for Apple. Fortnite recently got an update which enabled 60fps gameplay on the new iOS devices that include Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

With the launch of the 60fps gameplay option on the Apple devices, Android users have become curious about when they will be getting the same functionality on their platform. But sadly for then UberGizmo quoted Epic Games saying, “However, we know our Android players are curious about whether they’ll see the same improvements. While we don’t currently have a timeline, the team is working on Android optimizations together with phone manufacturers, that will hopefully allow us to support 60 FPS on certain high-end Android devices.”

This essentially means that it will still be a while before 60fps gameplay hits the Android version of the game and even when it does, it will be limited to only a few of the top end Android smartphones. For the record this feature will ensure smoother graphics, cleaner animations and a general improvement in the visual experience of gameplay. But at the same time it also stresses out the devices a lot which means it will be prone to heating up even more. 60fps gaming is considered a huge deal on more capable PCs and consoles, so the introduction of the option on the smartphones is huge for fans of Fortnite.

Currently older iPhones, Android devices and the Nintendo Switch, are limited to 30fps. Certain Android devices do support up to 60Hz graphics, and support for limited Android devices could come at a later date.

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In India, competing battle royale game PUBG Mobile is far more popular, thanks to its being on the Android platform for longer and the ability to run even on low-end devices. Many players also prefer the more realistic approach of PUBG Mobile, while Fortnite is considered more ‘cartoonish’ and awkward visually.

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