Fortnite has been known to do unusual things with its map and game to keep the magic alive, because unlike PUBG that has multiple maps for people to play, Fortnite only has one. Hence Epic Games makes up for it by making quirky and frequent changes to the only map that it has. The changes up until now have all been rather popular among the players. And now as we are almost at the end of Season 7 with only a few weeks left, Fortnite devs have already started preparing players to introduce them to the changes they are bringing with the Season 8.

Fortnite battle royale mode now has a huge icy sphere floating above the castle in Polar Peak, which was a new snow capped mountain that was introduced in the Season 7 of the game. For now, the orb is just floating there and not doing anything in particular. This is very much reminiscent of the purple cube that was seen near the end of Season 5 of Fortnite. The purple cube had later merged with Loot Lake to create a bouncy surface and usher in the Season 6 of the game.

And the icy orb is not the only change that players have noticed with the game. The iceberg near Happy Hamlet has also been destroyed by players which revealed a bunker underneath it, though its purpose is not clear yet. Polar Peak’s castle also had a surprise for the players who noticed that the prison cell beneath it had huge eggs locked in the prison cells. Well we will just have to wait and see what the devs have in mind for us.

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