Sony acquiesced and enabled cross-play with Xbox and Switch for Fortnite back in September last year. This had been an age old sore spot for gamers, because Sony and Microsoft have always kept to their sides of the river leaving gamers stranded on either of the sides. And Fortnite became the first game ever to get cross play on all the platforms it is on.

Fortnite in its newest v8.10 patch has now made cross play of Xbox and PlayStation players the default for all battle royale matches. Now all PS4 and Xbox One players will be pooled together in the matchmaking process. Players can still choose not to play with other console users, but they won’t be able to play the Battle Royale mode and will be limited to playing the Creative Mode and Playgrounds. Besides this Nintendo Switch players are being relegated to the Mobile pool from the console pool. Epic Games claims that these have been done to optimize the gameplay experience.

Sony had previously been blocking cross-play of games for a really long time now, even when Microsoft has been open about it and implemented it with other platforms for Xbox. And now that this long pending situation has been taken care of, Epic Games announced that it is working on a solution for those players that had opened a separate account to play Fortnite on PlayStation. Sony had opened up a beta for the Fortnite Cross-Play for PS4 where it tested the performance of the game on cross-play.

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