Fortnite leaks: Lebron James to be next Icon Series member, Holly Hatchery POI, Alien Nanites, and more

Fortnite data miners keep a close track of what the free-to-play BR game might bring in next. This time around popular Fortnite data miners HYPEX and Shiina managed to dig out what could be another massive crossover coming to the Epic game. As per the data miners, Lebron James, the basketball player will likely join the Icon Series.

Lebron James likely to be the next icon series skin in Fortnite

Fortnite is well known for collaborating with popular franchises- The Avengers, Star Wars, to name a few, and bring far-out crossovers. Fortnite’s Icon Series adds major celebrities and content creators as ‘playable skins’ in the game. If we are to believe Lebron’s entry in Fortnite, the time couldn’t be better as he is to make a grand debut Space Jam: A New Legacy which will release in France on July 14. With the new Icon Series skin, the basketball player will likely join Travis Scott, Ninja, Lachlan, Major Lazer, Lazarbeam, TheGrefg, Marshmello, and Loserfruit.

Fortnite Holly Hatchery, Alien Nanites location spotted

Fortnite data miners decrypting a ‘pak’ file discovered details on Holly Hatchery POI. As shared by FNAssist, the Fortnite Season 7 will likely a neon purple alien POI.

“The First update to Holly Hatchery is here! The Aliens have created a unique bio-cube around the Garden centre to mimic their own environment as they grow their alien life! This will expand over the rest over Holly Hatchery over the week!,” FNAssist mentioned in their Twitter handle.

Alien Nanites likely added

As per HYPEX, Nanites have been added to the BR game and can be founded on the Mothership and Abductor UFOs. Nanites that can be used to upgrade weapons will turn them into powerful variants of IO and alien weapons. However, the data miner cites that the Nanites currently ‘don’t spawn in-game,’ and that Epic is likely aware and is working on a fix.

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