Fortnite gamers from India may soon have a reason to cheer, because there is potential good news on the cards. According to the newest news leak by Twitter user @fnbrInsider, Fortnite dev Epic Games may soon add an Indian server. This would be part of a series of new servers that the company might introduce. The Indian server could potentially be located in Mumbai, which would mean low pings.

Besides the list of servers, the user has also apparently found the server IPs of the new servers. Hence we can check out the ping to the Mumbai server right now. The process to do this is rather simple, all users need to do is start by running the execution software on Windows. To do this press the Windows key and ‘R’. Here type out the command to ping the server. The command to do that is ‘ping -t’ without the single-quotes. The server pings seem rather low for us and holds steady around 27. This is a very effective ping which means minimal lag.

But this news is not official yet and some on Reddit claim that this list is old. Hence we would suggest that you don’t count your chickens yet. It would definitely be great to have an Indian server, and with the present hype of Fortnite it is definitely a possibility. The Fortnite World Cup recently concluded and a 16-year-old boy, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, won $3 million in the solo event. This has brought Fortnite back to the prime of attention. This also shows the kind of potential that gaming holds as as career.

WATCH: Fortnite – Season X Overview Trailer

The newest update of Fortnite with Season 10 is now out as well, and Epic Games has released the patch notes. The new update which is numbered at v 10.00 makes a whole lot of changes to the game. The new season which is being called ‘Season X’ (pronounced as the letter and not the number). It introduces a new battle pass and whole lot of other things. Among the other things are B.R.U.T.E. which are essentially mecha suits for two players.

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