Fortnite players left abandoned for the holidays as servers face outage

Fortnite players who were expecting to play some matches during the holidays seem to have been disappointed as the servers malfunctioned and left many players stranded with error messages. This is definitely going on the list as one of the bigger issues that Epic Games has faced with the game and players are definitely not happy about it. Epic Games had to update the status of the servers as “Partial outage” on its own game status website. It was classified as a partial outage because all players didn’t face the issue and only some did.

Among the features that were not accessible are just the matchmaking and logging in. The rest of the features including voice chat, parties, friends, messaging, the store, and leaderboards are said to have been unaffected. The matchmaking and logging in were classified as “degraded performance”. Some players had to try logging in repeatedly and even when they did login, they had to repeat the process to find games as the matchmaking faced issues. Players even faced time out errors when looking for matches. Many players were not even able to get past the login screen even after trying multiple times.

Epic Games had, on its part, started investigating immediately after it received reports and has since fixed the issues that were cropping up on Fortnite. This has left gamers quite frustrated to say the least during the holiday season. The matchmaking queues were easily being stretched to over 10 minutes at a time and that frustrated the players who were able to login and play.

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