Fortnite Season 6 brings new primal theme with Lara Croft, Neymar skin

Fortnite’s new season called the ‘Primal’ brings some old-school weapons and the popular character Lara Croft. Developer Epic Games officially kicked off season 6 of the game’s second chapter with an intense ‘single-player adventure.’

The new chapter that begins after “Zero Crisis Finale” from season 5 brings to the table a new ‘prehistoric biome to the island.’ The game starts with a short cinematic clip starring Agent Jones following which you are dropped into an altered landscape that includes a towering spire in the centre of the island which houses the zero point explosion. The latest chapter gets new locations and traditional weapons like bows, pistols, and shotguns. There’s a new crafting mechanic as well that will allow building an improvised arsenal of bows, primal rifle, the flame, and revolver using scrap. These on-the-fly weapon crafting will help players create weapons anywhere.

“Untouched by modern technology, a primal biome spreads through the island. At its center is the spire and the village that surrounds it. Lurking in the shadow of the spire, the wilderness has taken over the island’s location, like colossal crops and boney burbs. If you venture to the edges of the primal biome, you’ll find guardian spires protected by mysterious forces,” Epics games wrote in the blog post.

The Fortnite season 6 update brings new wildfire as well, be it the innocuous chickens or the deadly wolves. Epic Games cited that the ‘most fearsome predators’ are yet to hatch. Players will also find new bunkers chests across the island which contains power weapons like rocket launchers.

As with the new battle pass, the game brings new crossover characters including the popular action hero Lara Croft and Brazillian football star Neymar. There are new skins for Jones, Tarana, Raz, Cluck, and Raven as well. It is worth noting that players will get hands-on the bunch of new skins and cosmetic items only when they purchase a Battle Pass.

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