Fortnite Season 6 is nearing its end and the new Season 7 is all set to commence from December 7. The timing has been derived from the in-game challenge timers. And it seems that Epic Games is going to go with the theme and season that will be pervading. Players have noticed a storm that is brewing near the south edge of the map. This could be an indicator of impending snow storms that will be hitting the game soon.

The snow theme has already been hinted at by the devs with the new Deep Freeze Bundle and the new Winter Royale themed tournament. And besides this, there are some leaks on Reddit which claim to be crunching sounds of footsteps on the snow. And apparently, the new information that has been released by VG247, who even verified this new information with a second tweet. The footsteps on snow will not be the same as that on the snow in Viking Village. These are some strong indicators that Fortnite might just be getting a new snow map.

Though there is no official timing on the release of Season 7 from the devs, the in-game tickers indicate that December 7 will be the magic number. Like all the other big updates, the servers ought to face some downtime when the update will go live.

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New Seasons seem to have a tradition of being released on Thursdays, and Epic Games might just be doing the same this time as well. There may not be a new map, just the present one snowed over.

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