Fortnite has been struggling to put out its updates on time during the season 6 and it has come as a disappointment to the players. But it seems that Epic Games is finally out of those woods as Epic Games has updated the game with its newest patch which is numbered at v6.31 on time and it comes with some cool new additions to both the Battle Royale and the Save the World modes.

The new v6.31 update adds a whole new Limited Time Mode called the Team Rumble where two teams will fight to take home the victory royale. This will be similar to PUBG’s war mode and players will be divided into teams of 20 players and the team that reaches 100 eliminations first, wins. Players will keep spawning after 5 seconds of being eliminated and will be able to keep their inventory. Eliminated players will also spawn a random type of ammo upon elimination, as well as a random stack of either 120 Wood, 90 Stone, or 60 Metal materials. The mode will have only Uncommon or better weapons are available.

There are also two new Pump Action Shotguns being added to the game which will be of Legendary and Epic quality. The addition of two new shotguns to Fortnite will bring the number of shotguns in the game to 11.

There is a new constructor for the Save the World mode called Airheart who comes with a Rotating Omni-directional Sentry Integrated Exoskeleton (R.O.S.I.E.). Another new addition to the Save the World mode is the new Six Feet Under Shovel melee weapon along with Canny Valley Act 2. Check out the tweet for the link to the full patch notes.

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