Fortnite’s new patch notes for the upcoming v8.40 version update is now out, and it has some surprises for the fans. But this does come as a surprise since Fortnite’s World Cup Qualifying is already underway, and we are getting a patch with some new elements. But it needs to be mentioned that this week’s patch, v8.40 is not as large as the usual ones. The most significant thing to be added this time around is a new weapon to the battle royale. Well this isn’t exactly a new weapons but the Epic and Legendary versions of the Infantry Rifle.

This new version of the Infantry Rifle comes with a new model and a different sound effect as well. Besides these there’s isn’t much difference between this and the already available gun. It will be rarer than the already available versions of the guns. The modes of the Infantry Rifles have not changed and they are still semi-automatic and have hitscan, which means that it is easier to hit the targets than with other guns.

Epic Games has now added the ability to pet Fortnite’s various pets and on to the new additions and things brought back. Fortnite is getting a new game mode with this new patch called Air Royale mode which is bringing back the planes from the last season. The mode is duo only and will be focusing on dogfighting, which is something the players are bound to enjoy. Each team will be starting in a plane that has three lives. Players will lose if they use up all their lives or touch the ground, and the goal is to outlive all the opponents to win.

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All the patch notes and changes made by Epic games for patch v8.40 can be found on the link in the tweet above.

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