Last year, Microsoft announced Forza Motorsport 8 as one of the flagship titles for the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. Turn 10 Studios did not release many details about the game apart from the fact that it will enjoy all the graphical prowess on the new Xbox consoles. However, the game is set to launch this year and Turn10 is readying to rollout the pretest version of the game.

Creative director Chris Esaki in a livestream video said, “In addition to these Forza panels, we actually have been running weekly playtests within our Xbox Game studios and getting a lot of data and feedback on how the game’s progressing and how to really fine tune our details and get the racing right for everyone.”

Forza Motorsport 8 going up for testing

In order for players to try out the early version, Turn10 will give access only to the Forza Feedback Panel. “The new news is today we will soon be able to share to our people in our Forza panel, they will actually be able to get their hands on a part of our new Forza Motorsport game,” added Esaki. The form for the test can be filled out from here.

Throughout the video, Esaki went on to stress that Forza Motorsport 8 will take loads of feedback from the community during its development stage. This sort of approach to game development has been previously seen with other sim racers such as Project Cars, Assetto Corsa and Grand Turismo titles.

Forza Motorsport 8

Image source: Forza Motorsport 8 trailer

The current iteration, i.e. Forza Motorsport 7, has been around since 2017 and offers a wide variety of racing disciplines for players to try. With Forza 8, Turn10 could be intensifying the heat in the sim racing segment, especially with the Gran Turismo 7 title coming later this year on the Sony PlayStation 5.

While details on racing disciplines, cars, and gameplay dynamics are sparse, it is said that Forza 8 will take advantage of advanced ray tracing lighting to improve the graphics quality. It is likely to build on the vast versatility of Forza Motorsport 7 and could add improved gameplay dynamics.

Additionally, rumours have long been going about Forza Horizon 5 adopting a setting in Japan instead of the British isles. The game is said to be under development and will carry on the arcade racer experience from 2018’s Forza Horizon 4.

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