The newest addition to the Forza series from Microsoft is Forza Street which was revealed last year. The game which is the first from the series to come to smartphones finally went live for download on Google Play Store and iOS today. Forza Street is set to release on May 5 on Android and iOS. Microsoft has confirmed that those that play the game between May 5 and June 5 will receive a Founder’s Pack. This Founders Pack would include the 2017 Ford GT, as well as in-game credits and gold.

Microsoft has also confirmed that Forza Street would support Xbox Live sign-in as well as cross-safe feature. This feature would enable users to bring over their save from the PC version of the game to the mobile one. Forza Street has been made available for free on Windows 10 from April 16 last year. This game will be released on Android and iOS later this year. The developers Turn 10 studios released the game as a re-branded version of the already existing Miami Street, that was released almost a year ago. But this refreshed version comes with new storyline, upgraded car parts, better performance, new animations, languages and more polished audio.

This game is not like the other usual Forza games and the player does not have to steer the car. It is a timing based game where the player will just have to accelerate or slow down around the corners. Better handling of the car will earn the player boosts, and winning races provide the winner with credits and car unlocks.

The game is available on the Microsoft Store right now and can be downloaded. It is to be noted that this game appears to be a competition for the Asphalt series of games and it seems more obvious because Microsoft will be releasing it on the mobile platforms.

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