Google announced some updates to its smartwatch operating system last week. But they are more like small improvements than the major update that many feel the platform needs. However, Fossil and its subsidiaries make a large number of Wear OS watches, and now the company is taking the lead. It has released an exclusive update for its smartwatches that adds new health tracking capabilities, a phone app icon, and more.

Fossil Gen 5 new features

The update is rolling out for Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches and includes an optimized activity tracker, V02 max estimates, and cardiovascular fitness tracking. The new Wellness app also tracks your heart rate and step tracking. It uses half of the power consumption by unloading these tasks from the main processor to the QCC1110 coprocessor.

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The battery modes have also been revamped with a new look and features like custom profiles that quickly allow users to switch between performance and a power-saving mode. Achieving two days of battery life was already possible on Gen 5 watches. So this should help make it even better.

Finally, Fossil is adding an updated phone application, which adds a new block for quick access. In addition, a new smartphone application has been designed to accompany this update.

These new enhancements will make Fossil Gen 5 products some of the best Wear OS watches you can get today. While many of these features are offered on competitors such as the Apple Watch or Fitbit smartwatches. The most notable thing here is that Fossil itself has added them. Rather than Google encouraging these updates across the Wear OS ecosystem.

In fact, compared to the planned Autumn Update of Wear OS. That includes a moderately faster app launch and a new weather app. The Fossil update looks much more ambitious in scope, especially considering it’s working on more hardware old.

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