Free Fire 4th anniversary OB29 update: How to get Dimitri and Thiva characters

Free Fire with its OB29 4th-anniversary update brought in a slew of new features and improvements. Now Garena has revealed a collaboration with well-known DJ duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. In the patch notes of the update, it has been announced that characters based on both of them will make their way into the game soon.

Dimitri would be made available in the game via a top-up event, which will begin on August 12. To acquire the character, all players would have to purchase a specified quantity of diamonds inside of the game. Whereas, the Thiva character would be given out for free to everyone on August 28, which will mark the peak day of the 4th-anniversary celebrations.

Free Fire: New characters


Dimitri will come with a ‘Healing Heartbeat’ ability, which would allow the players to generate a healing zone which a radius of 3.5 metres. The player along with their allows would be able to regain 3 HP every second inside of the healing circle. The ability has a duration of 10 seconds at its base level and has an 85-second cooldown. At its maximum level, the skill duration increases to 15 seconds and the ability cooldown time goes down to 60 seconds.

The ability would also allow players and allies who are knocked down to self-recover and get back on their feet.


The special ability of the Thiva character is called “Vital Vibes” inside of Free Fire. This ability allows players to increase their rescue speed by 5 percent. Also, it allows payers after every 5 seconds of a successful rescue gain 15 health points. At the ability’s maximum level, the rescue speed rises by 20 percent and the HP recovered rises to 40.

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