Free Fire Max vs Free Fire: 5 key differences we will see

Garena will launch its next-gen Free Fire Max mobile game tomorrow, September 28. Many are excited for the launch, considering that the game will bring in better graphics, enhanced gameplay and much more. Over this, the company will also bring in support for players to migrate all of their current Free Fire data over to the new game. Let’s take a look at how Free Fire Max will differ from the standard edition of the game, and how it will enhance the player gameplay experience.

Better graphics

Garena Free Fire Max will bring in a major graphic boost compared to Free Fire according to the company. Players will get to see enhanced graphics with better in-game item rendering, better character designs and much more.

Improved draw distance

With Free Fire Max, Garena has claimed to improved the draw distance a lot. Draw distance is basically the render distance from a player to an object to the horizon during gameplay. Improved render distance will provide players with a longer view of the scene, thus helping them spot enemies from afar.

Game size

Free Fire requires players to have around 500MB of free space on their smartphones to install the game. Whereas, Free Fire Max will take up to 1.5GB of space.

New  Features

Free Fire Max will introduce a lot of new features for players to try out. According to leaks and reports, the game will bring in new characters, lobbies, abilities, and more, to enhance user gameplay experience.

High resource usage

Due to the increased size and better graphic quality, Free Fire Max will use up a lot more resources to run. The game will consume more CPU, GPU, RAM, and battery, compared to its predecessor.

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