Free Fire OB30 update released: New features, file size, how to download and more

Many mobile gamers have been eagerly waiting to play the new Garena Free Fire Max game since its release today morning. However, due to the Free Fire servers being under maintenance, the game was inaccessible till 6:30 PM IST. Now that Garena has incorporated the Free Fire OB30 update in the servers players can now start playing both Free Fire and Free Fire Max without any issues. Here we will take a look at everything new that the Free Fire OB30 update has brought with it and how it enhances the gameplay.

With the OB30 update, a number of major changes have been introduced, which the company claims will help provide its gamers with a balanced gameplay experience.

Garena Free Fire OB30 update: Major features

  • Free Fire Clash Squad Season 9 has commenced and players will receive the Golden M4A1 as a season reward on completing all challenges.
  • A new 6v6 Clash Squad mode has been added to the game in the custom rooms, allowing players to play in a new environment with their friends.
  • Clock Tower and Mars Electric maps have gotten a new spawn area and play zone, helping to make the game more balanced.
  • Select devices also get a Replay System, which allows players to save the replay by tapping on the record button.
  • The training ground layout on the Combat Zone has been altered to make it easy for players to hone their skills.
  • Characters Chrono, Wukong and Andrew have been nerfed, whereas, Shirou has received a buff.
  • A new firearm by the name Treatment Sniper has been introduced for the battle royale mode. It will inflict damage on the opponent and can be used on teammates to heal them.
  • Vest Thickener and Vest HP Booster are two new attachments added to the game for players to upgrade their armour.

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