Free Fire top 6 ongoing events: How to win Glo Technica Skyboard, Glo Drone backpack and more

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in India. While the game follows a free to play model, it does charge players money to purchase diamonds, which they can then use to purchase in-game items. While this is an option, most players depend on the daily codes and special events to get special in-game items. Moco: Rebirth started earlier this month, bringing in multiple events for Free Fire players.

Most of the major events of Moco: Rebirth will come to an end in the next few days. Here we will be taking a look at all of the Free Fire missions you can complete to receive a wide range of rewards.

Tech Guru Top Up event

The Tech Guru Top Up event will conclude today and is offering players a chance to win themed cosmetics like the Moco Month Backpack and Gloo Wall – Glo Technica. The players simply have to purchase a set number of diamonds to get these rewards.

Friends Callback event

During the Friends Callback event, players must invite their inactive friends back to receive rewards. On calling back five friends they will receive a Cyber Multitasker Loot Box. This event ends today.

Stronghold Battle mode

Stronghold Battle mode was added to the game as a part of the Moco: Rebirth event. In this mode, players can earn points by capturing the Stronghold or by eliminating their opponents. If you play this mode, you will be eligible to get multiple in-game items like the Grenade – Glo Rubik and more. This event will end on September 22.

Coder’s Crib event

During the Coder’s Crib event, players can win M Coins by utilizing the Coder Cube C1 token and participating in Pew Pew Pew minigame. They can then use these coins to claim various rewards from the Horizon Store, which include the Cosmic Teleportia Bundle. This event will conclude on September 26.

Moco Jump event

During the Moco Jump event, players need to achieve a set amount of points in the Moco Jump minigame by avoiding obstacles. The rewards include Glo Drone backpack and more. There are two modes: Origin and Virus Invade (1.7x bonus points per run). The Free Fire event will end on September 26.

Moco’s Challenge

Moco’s Challenge will end today and requires players to play a specific number of matches to get rewards. One playing one match using Moco, players will be rewarded one Gold Royale voucher. On playing three matches using Moco, players will be rewarded with one Weapon Royale voucher, which will expire on October 31. One playing five matches using Moco, players will get a Glo Technica Skyboard.

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