Free Netflix subscription in India: Here’s how to get it for two days

Netflix is hosting StreamFest starting December 5 to December 6. During the StreamFest everyone in India will get a free Netflix subscription. With the StreamFest Netflix wants everyone in India to experience the platform and its offerings. In the two days of free service, anyone and everyone will be able to watch anything they want starting from Netflix originals, movies, shows and so on.

The StreamFest will begin on December 5 12:01 am and continue until December 6 11:59 pm. Here we explain how you can get free Netflix for two days..

STEP 1: You will first need to visit or download the Android app from the Google Play Store on your mobile phone

STEP 2: You can then sign up with your name, email or phone number, and password

STEP 3: Start streaming

In an official blog post the company noted, “To make sure everyone who comes in gets the best experience, we will have to limit the number of StreamFest viewers. So during StreamFest, if you see a message saying “StreamFest is at capacity”, don’t worry. We’ll let you know when you can start streaming.”

Netflix also allows you to visit and set a reminder with your email or phone number. The company will inform you when StreamFest goes live.

Anyone who signs in for the StreamFest will be able to get one stream in standard definition (SD). This means that no one can use the same login information to stream. Once you sign up via the Android app or a browser, you can use that login to watch Netflix on any device including smart TV, gaming console, and iOS device.

During the StreamFest, you will be able to access every feature that paid users are offered including Profiles, Parental Controls, My List, subtitles or dubs, Smart Downloads on mobile, and more.

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