Game developer ustwo games has just confirmed that it is working on a sequel to its successful Monument Valley series. The game studio took to its official Twitter account to make this announcement confirming Monument Valley 3. The tweet confirmed that the studio is starting work on the upcoming entry from the game series. The tweet also shared an image of a wall complete with multiple Monument Valley levels. We are not sure if these are screenshots from the previous two games or they are concepts for the upcoming game. The studio also confirmed that Monument Valley 3 means that it is currently working on two games at the same time.

Monument Valley 3 details

To aid game development and good results, the game studio is looking for a game director. ustwo games also added a link to direct potential applicants to the job section and application page on its website. A game director is usually responsible to envision the game and then ensure that the development visions the game. ustwo games spokesperson shared a statement with Engadget regarding the announcement. The statement said, “We’d also love a new Game Director to bring their own spin to this world, giving them freedom to explore while keeping just enough elements of Monument Valley 1 and 2 to stay true to our fans.”

The studio did not share any details about Monument Valley 3 including a launch date or the gameplay. Original Monument Valley launched back in 2014 on iOS presenting users with beautiful 3D puzzles. The game also featured in the third season of Netflix Original House of Cards providing it a push towards the mainstream. This pushed more users to discover the game making it popular across the globe. The studio released the sequel to the original, Monument Valley 2 in 2017. Similar to the first one, the sequel also received praise from critics. The game was so good that it even outsold the original game.

ustwo games is also working on a second game as mentioned above. The second game Repair will be exclusive to the upcoming Apple Arcade. In addition to Monument Valley series, the studio has also worked on another game called Lands End. Lands End is a VR game that is available on Samsung Gear headset.

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